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Sidmouth Town Junior Vikings


new kit sponsored by the volunteer sidmouth handed over lee mcmanus leon mcmanus and drew birkhead captain


U14s Raiders

raiders intense christmas training session

lads training

sidmouth raiders in there new rain jackets

lads training

fixtures and friendleys season 13/14

  1. sidmouth raiders u14 0 v german touring side 2

  2. sidmouth raiders u14 4 v twyford spartons u14 2

  3. sidmouth raiders u14 3 v sidmouth warriors u14 3

  4. sidmouth raiders u14 0 v exmouth utd 2 league

  5. sidmouth raiders u14 2 v sidmouth u13 0

  6. sidmouth raiders u14 1 v seaton town u14 3 league

  7. sidmouth raiders u14 0 v beacon knights u14 7 league

  8. sidmouth raiders u14 0 v moors youth u14 o league

  9. sidmouth raiders u14 3 v brixington blues u14 2

  10. sidmouth raiders u14 14 v westhill u14 1

  11. sidmouth raiders u14 2 v pinhoe pikes 4 cup match

  12. sidmouth raiders u14 2 v central u14 1

  13. sidmouth raiders u14 1 v crediton saints u14 o league

  1. remaining fixtures 13/14

  2. dec 14th home sidmouth raiders u14 v pinhoe pikes u14

  3. jan 4th home sidmouth raiders u14 v exmouth utd u14

  4. jan 18th away sidmouth raiders u14 v seaton town u14

  5. feb 1st home sidmouth raiders u14 v beacon knights u14

  6. feb15th away sidmouth raiders u14 v moors youth u14

  7. mar 1st home sidmouth raiders u14 v seaton town u14

  8. mar 8th away sidmouth raiders u14 v westhill wasps u14

  9. mar 22nd home sidmouth raiders u14 v central u14

  10. mar 29th home sidmouth raiders u14 v crediton saints u14

  11. apr 5th away sidmouth raiders u14 v pinhoe pikes u14

sidmouth raiders u14 1 v crediton saints u14 0

it started like it was going to be one of those days when they left to go to crediton when one player could not make it then we lost three players as they went to the wrong ground and the team only getting to the match with only ten minutes before kickoff.
sidmouth started brightly takeing the game to crediton with matt skelding and ben miller creating loads of chances from both wings for the sidmouth frontline of turton and hughes to feed on. the best chance of the half fell to drew birkhead who put it just over the bar.
the second half went the same way with sidmouth bossing the game and when crediton did attack the sidmouth back four worked as a unit to keep them at bay.
sidmouth took the lead when a skelding corner was headed in by hughes.sidmouth did everything to increase the lead a turton volley was saved by the keeper and hughes had a shot cleared of the line.
the sidmouth keeper was glad of the quite game haven been out injuryed for over a month.
man of the match was sheared by jack Gibson and matt skelding who were both outstanding in their positions.


sidmouth raiders u14 2 v central u14 1

sidmouth made the short trip to Exeter on a crisp November morning hopeing to keep there good form in the league going.
in the first two minutes sidmouth hit the post.sidmouth kept up the pressure forcing several corners which where excellently taken by parsons but sidmouth could not get the vital breakthrough.
when central did attack the back four of latham main Gibson and newton kept the attackers at bay.
the second half began with sidmouth not been able to believe they where not leading. sidmouth changed that when miller collected a throwing and took the ball to the goal line and crossed to turton who headed centrals credit they came at sidmouth for the next 15 minutes making the defence work and keep skelding pull off a brilliant low slideing save at the attackers feet central equalised with a stroke of luck when a long shot was going wide of the goal the sidmouth keeper decided to stop the ball going out it his his feet shot left and dribbled over the goal line.
sidmouth picked there selfs up and forced the central keeper to pull off 3 or 4 great saves. sidmouth though they had regained the ,lead only to see the offside flag up but with five minutes to go the ball was put through to hughes on the left of the box who turned and placed his shot low in to the bottom right corner to the relief of everyone.

sidmouth raiders u14 0 v german touring side 2

this did not start as planed as the pitch they where going to play on was astro turf not grass then they found out that this pitch was double booked so the game was moved to a smaller pitch which ment we could only play nine aside.
the first five minutes of the game was about both teams getting used to the smaller pitch and fewer players.
the german side took the lead when a shot going wide of the goal hit a sidmouth defender and wrong footed the keeper.they increased there lead just before half time when a shot went low between a load of players legs in to the bottom corner of the net.
in the second half sidmouth came more into the game creating plenty of chances only for there keeper to keep them at bay and now with the game getting a bit more fisty ther where some strong but fair tackles going on on both sides.
at the final whistle both teams shock hands and sidmouth went of with there heads held high after playing very well.

sidmouth raiders u14 3 sidmouth warriors u14 3

the last time these two teams meet the warriors came out on top a lot can happen in a year and with both teams going up a league this looked like a very entertaing game.
both teams where up for the game especily the raiders as at school some of the warriors players said they would score ten goals.
the game started with both teams playing passing football both created chances.then after one raiders attacks the warriors counter attacked and took the lead.this seemed to be the kick they needed and they started to play football that warriors could not handle.
it was not long before the raiders equalised whenturton slotted home he then got his and raiders second five minutes later.
the raiders third goal left there manager open mouthed when they played one touch football to open up the warriors when the final ball fron leon to scott who powered his shot home.
the second half got off to a quick start with the raiders awarded a penality which the warriors keeper saved diveing to his left.
the warriors had the better of the second half when they pulled the score level with two well taken goals from there frontmen.
in the last five minutesthe raiders defenders pulled off two goal line clearences through gabe stamp and adam harris. at the final whistle both teams gave a sigh of relief the raiders for hanging on and the warriors for getting back into the game.

sidmouth raiders u14 3 v brixington blues 2

sidmouth made the short trip to exmouth hopeing to pick up some more pionts after last weeks draw.
sidmouth took the lead when scott hughes placed the ball pass the keeper.
both teams played good passing football useing both wings to great effect but both defences where working well to keep chances to a minamon.brixington levell the score when there winger hit a low cross into the box which managed to beat the keeper in to the bottom corner they took the lead when they counter attackedcatching the sidmouth midfield still in the other half so they took avantage of the big gap in midfield to run at the defence and hit a unstopable shot from twenty yards.
sidmouths leveller came from the ref playing advantage when the sidmouth manager was shouting for a fowl the sidmouth striker collected the ball and burst i to the box where he was brough down for a penalty which jordon parsons carmly hammered the ball home.
the second half was all sidmouth with chance after chance going to waste or been well clearedby brixington.then with ten minutes to go a ball was played in to scott hughes who unleased a low curling left foot shot from 18 yards in to the bottom left hand corner .at the final whistle there was a big cheer from the sidmouth players and supporters as they got the win they desereved.

warm up

sidmouth raiders u14 14 v westhill u14 1

sidmouth went in to the game with new belief in there football skills haveing not been beaten in there last two games.
just before the kick off the westhill manager came up to inform sidmouth that he only had 9 players and wanted to borrow a couple of this is not allowed in the rules he had to play with 9 players.
sidmouth mad the advantage pay by scoreing in the first two minutes when scott hughes slotted his first goal home.after 20 minutes the westhill manager walked on the pitch to stop the the game as he did not like his team been beat. but to his boys credit they told him they wanted to carry on and finish the game.
at half time sidmouth were leading 7 nil.
sidmouth increased the lead straight from the kick off. westhill pick there selfs up and scored when kieran thumbled a shot and the weshill stricker reaccted quicker .
sidmouth didnot like this and replyed with 3 goals in five minutes.sidmouth scored three more times before the end of the game to make the final score 14 v 1. man of the match went to joe tweedy who never stopped playing good simple football .goal scorers scott hughes 6 ben miller 3 rueben raffell 2 drew 1 newts 1 jordan 1 og 1