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Sidmouth Town Junior Vikings


Match Reports

Saturday 2nd April
Sidmouth Town Junior Vikings 9-0 Bradnich A.F.C

With promotion hopes still within there grasp, Sidmouth were really hoping for a big win against Bradnich.

They started slow, not commiting themselves to tackles, and not having that killer instinct to win. But a goal did come, from a corner taken by Sam Cavin and a left footed volley from Sam Marriott. Even though they produced a fairly average performence, they were 2-0 up at half time.

After a bit of a pep-talk, Sidmouth raised there game by fighting for the ball and creating some excellent passing movements, not letting Bradnich get a touch on the ball. After that, Sidmouth outplayed Bradnich, with Sam Marriott staying very solid at the back, Mat Ogley gave a great cross for Jack Scrivens` header. Niall Waterhouse got a goal. James Pearce played particulary well, making some excellent passes and got a very deserving header which he smashed into the net. Keeper Adam Bartlett even said he was bored! But even though they were 9 golas down, Bradnich kept on trying, they did not give up. It showed a great amount of determination on the clubs behalf.

Overall, Ian Peacock was pleased with Sidmouths performence and gave a rightfully earned man of the match to James Pearce.

By Mat Ogley