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Sidmouth Town Junior Vikings

Welcome To STJV Raiders Under 11's

Welcome the the Sidmouth Town Junior Vikings Under 11's page. Here you will find all the latest news, fixtures, results and match reports.

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20th Nov 2010, 10:30am
Hemyock v STJV Raiders

27th Nov 2010, 11:00am
STJV Raiders v Brixington Blues

4th Dec 2010, 10:30am
Twyford Celtic v STJV Raiders

11th Dec 2010, 10:30am
STJV Raiders v Tedburn Panthers

8th Jan 2011, 10:30am
STJV Raiders v Stoke Hill Rangers

15th Jan 2011, 10:30am
Crediton Saints v STJV Raiders

29th Jan 2011, 9:30am
STJV Raiders v Inter Heavitree

5th Feb 2011, 12:00am
AC Heavitree v STJV Raiders

26th Mar 2011, 10:30am
Pinhoe Pikes v STJV Raiders

Results & Reports

STJV Raiders 2 - 3 Hemyock : 11th Sep 2010

Despite a few changes to the team during the closed season, the STJV Raiders Under 11's went into their first game of the season with high hopes. Unfortunately the Raiders were a little slower to get into the their stride than their opposition. Within the first five minutes of the game Hemyock were two goals up on the Raiders. Both had come from long range shots, the second being a particularly impressive effort.

Despite this initial set-back, the Raiders started to find their feet. Jaylen Burne (playing his first game for the Raiders) and Joe Tweedy were solid at the back with Tobi Pugsley providing excellent cover in the sweeper role. There were some great passages of play in midfield with Drew Birkhead on the left, Adam Harris on the right and Reuben Raffell linking up the play in the middle. The Raiders created chance after chance for the two front men; Scott Hughes and Jordan Parsons. But despite dominating the game in almost every area of the pitch for the rest of the half, the goal just wouldn't come and when the whistle went for half time it was still 0-2.

Jack Gibson and Gabe Stamp came on in the second half, which started much the same way as the first had finished, with Raiders on the front foot. However it was Hemyock that scored next in a goal-mouth scramble to make it 0-3. The Raiders didn't give up though and it wasn't long before their efforts were rewarded when Scott Hughes found the back of the net from a cross by Adam Harris. And just a few moments later, Scott got his second to make it 2-3 and set up and exciting last 15 minutes.

The momentum with them, the Raiders created lots of chances as they looked for the equaliser. There were narrow misses, saves, blocks and the woodwork was hit a number of times. Hemyock did threaten to increase their lead at times on the counter attack, but Sam Hunt in goal handled everything that was thrown (or rather kicked) at him.

Despite their effort and impressive play, the Raiders were unable to conjure up an equaliser and the game ended in a disappointing 2-3 loss. However, the boy can rest assured that if they continue to put performances in like this, they will be winning many more games than they lose in the rest of the season.

Brixington Blues 5 - 2 STJV Raiders : 18th Sep 2010‏

The Raiders travelled to Brixington with out a recognised goal-keeper. Fortunately Drew Birkhead, who usually plays in midfield, was willing to step in. The first half was end-to-end stuff. Defenders Tobi Pugsley, Gabe Stamp and Jaylen Burne were solid at the back, while there were some great passing moves in midfield with Adam Harris, Reuben Raffell, Jack Gibson and Joe Tweedy. Despite their strong start it was Brixington that took the lead, but it wasn't long before Raiders equalised when Scott Hughes tapped in from close range.

Raiders started strong in the second half and Jordan Parsons came close with a couple of great shots. Brixington made the next breakthrough though, against the run of play. Raiders didn't take long to make it level again with a lovely move that ended with Reuben crossing for Jack to head in. Brixington had five subs as opposed to the Raiders' one and as the game went on, this advantage began to tell. Raiders came under more and more pressure and Drew was brought into action a number of times and did a fantastic job. Despite Raiders best efforts Brixington went on to score three more to make it 5-2 at full time.

STJV Raiders 4 - 9 Twyford Celtic : 25th Sep 2010

As the game started it looked possible that Raider might get their first win of the season. Twyford were on the back foot from the off but the Raiders were unable to fashion a clear goal-scoring opportunity. Against the run of play Twyford took the lead despite good defending from Gabe Stamp, Tobi Pugsley and Joe Tweedy. Raiders didn't take long to level the score though with Scott Hughes and Jordan combining for the latter to poke tha ball into the Twyford goal. Drew Birkhead, Reuben Raffell and Jack Gibson were industrious in the midfield and helped create more chances to the two front men. But it was the opposition that struck next scoring two more. A wonderful bit of individual play saw Hughes get one back with his left foot. However Twyford scored again to make it 2-4 at half time. Jaylen Burke and Adam Harris came on in the second half to provide some fresh legs, unfortunately Twyford scored again. Raiders got another one back when Raffell scored in a goalmouth scramble. Twyford then went on to score another three. Hughes scored his second of the match for Raiders before Twyford got another to make the fulltime score 4-9.

Tedburn Panthers 10 - 4 STJV Raiders : 2nd Oct 2010

Appologies, but I don't seem to have a match report for this one. Oops!

STJV Raiders 2 - 6 Pinhoe Pikes : 9th Oct 2010

Unfortunately, due to illness and injury, Raiders were without any substitutes and not all of the remaining boys were feeling 100%. This may have gone some way to explaining the first half performance. Pinhoe scored first, before Jordan Parsons set up Reuben Raffel to strike a shot that nearly levelled the scoreline. Pinhoe went on to score three more in the first half, the last of which came from a clearance by Tobi Pugsley that hit an opposition forward in the face and rebounded into the goal! The second half was a different affair. A corner from Raffell saw Jack Gibson head just over, before Pinhoe scored again to make it 0-5. Finally Sidmouth got on the score sheet when the ball broke to Adam Harris who placed it passed the keeper. Parsons then made it 2-5 when he dispatched a pass from Scott Hughes. The defence was much stronger in this half with man of the match performances from Joe Tweedy and Jaylen Burne, while Sam Hunt in goal was very solid. However Pinhoe did manage to score again. Raiders came close again when a shot from Harris in midfield looped over the keeper only to strike the post. Final score 2-6.

Stoke Hill Rangers 9 - 0 STJV Raiders : 16th Oct 2010

From the kick off Sidmouth found themselves under pressure from a very good Stoke Hill side. Tobi Pugsley, who had volunteered to go in goal in the absence of Sidmouth's regular keeper, found himself called into action a number of times early on. Despite resolute defending from Gabe Stamp, Joe Tweedy and Jaylen Burne, it wasn't long before Stoke Hill took the lead. Stoke Hill quickly scored two more to make it 3-0. Raiders didn't give up had some good passages of play in the midfield involving Adam Harris, Scott Hughes, Reuben Raffell and Drew Birkhead all working hard to create an opening for Sidmouth's new player, Sam Herbert. Stoke Hill were able to score two more to make it 5-0 at half time. Birkhead took over goal keeping duties in the second half and Jordan Parsons and Jack Gibson came on to give Raiders some fresh legs. Despite some great saves from Birkhead and a great chance for Gibson, Raiders were unable to get on the scoresheet. Stoke Hill managed to score four more which saw the game end 9-0. Despite this result, it is very important to remember that the boys playing for the Raiders never let their heads go down, never gave up and were a credit to their club.