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Sidmouth Town Junior Vikings

U11 Raiders

First match of season

Sidmouth Raiders New U11 Squad for 2012-13 season

Sat 4 May - Home Match
Sidmouth Raiders 1 - Bradnich 2

Writes Alec Latham

The final game of the season was to be a battle from beginning to end.
Both teams worked hard to take the lead, Ben Scrivens, Thomas West & Glen Sinker worked their usual magic keeping Bradnich at bay whilst Cole Monaghan, Finlay Morgan and Scott DeGruchy fought hard to keep possession of the ball. Ben Latham along with Ollie Jones pushed forward after Bradnich snatched the first goal, Ollie secured the equaliser after breaking free to run half the pitch and find the back of the net.

The Raiders appeared to dominate the second half with some fantastic saves by Isaac James. Scott Gibson worked hard in midfield with some great passing in to Will Lorkin. Bradnich secured a late corner resulting in another goal, despite the Raiders best efforts the clock was against them. Final score 2-1 to Bradnich.

Man of the Match Ollie Jones.

Sat 27 April Training at Sidmouth Football club 10am

Sat 20 April we are away to Alphington, late kick off so meet at Sidmouth fooball club at 10am or there at 10.30
Match Report
Sidmouth Raiders 6 - Alphington United 0

Writes Alec Latham

The Raiders were to find themselves with yet another tough match this week. Both teams started strong with end to end play, each looking likely to score. The Raiders first attempt skimmed the crossbar, Alphington soon retaliated, narrowly missing out as the ball hit the post. Ollie Jones broke the deadlock with the first of his two goals, the second came through from a long shot by Ben Latham. First half ending 3-0 to The Raiders.

The second half saw Alphington come out fighting but were unable to penetrate the Raiders defences. A fantastic run down the wing rewarded Scott Gibson with their 4th goal, Finlay Morgan managed a second touch on a goal shot this time hitting the back of the net. A last minute corner by Thomas West placed the ball at the foot of Cole Monaghan who finalised the 6-0 result.

Sat 13 April home match at Newton Pop against Crediton- meet 9.30 for a 10.30 kick off

S.T.J.V. U11’s Raiders 0 – 0 Crediton Youth
By Simon James

Sidmouth started the game by demonstrating some fantastic passing and possession skills with much of the first fifteen minutes spent in the Crediton half. Only to be frustrated by their defence. Crediton then changed tactics and swarmed forward into only to be stopped in their tracks by Glen Sinker and Ben Scrivens, Sidmouths legendary defenders.

The pace of the game increased with Isaac James tested with some long strikes from Crediton. Ollie Jones and Finlay Morgan make several brave attempts on the Crediton Goal but to no avail.

After half time end to end plat ensued with Sidmouth having the majority of possession only to be frustrated by that elusive first goal.

In the dying minutes a disallowed goal from the Raiders provided a last surge of energy from both teams. ENDS

Sat 6 April away match against Cullompton Crusaders, meet at Sidmouth football club 9.15 or there at 10am.
Match Report
Sidmouth Town Viking Raiders U11 0 - Cullompton Crusaders 4
Written by Alec Latham

The Raiders started strong, some great attacking football from both teams. It was clear from the start it was going to be a real battle with end to end play.
Cullompton was to break the deadlock with their first 2 goals coming by way of free kicks.
Despite a fantastic save by Isaac James the first half ended in 3/0 to Cullompton.

The second half was to see the Raiders dominating possession with plenty of shots on goal, skimming the crossbar.
Despite the Raiders best efforts Cullompton claimed a fourth goal in the closing minutes resulting in a final score of 4-0.

Sat 30 March
S.T.J.V. U11’s Raiders 3 – 4 Tedburn St Mary

By Simon James

This was always going to be a tough match as Sidmouth had beaten Tedburn convincingly at their last encounter.

The game got off to a slow start as both teams tested the defence of the opposition. Then some quality passing from Archie Rowe and Scott DeGrunchy allowed Col Monaghan to open the scoring for Sidmouth.

Tedburn pushed back hard, Glen Sinker and Thomas West stopped the Tedburn forwards in their tracks. Tedburn then swarmed forward and poached an equaliser.

The game then picked up pace and again Tedburn scored after two corners and several strikes on goal, Isaac James was kept busy. Finally the ball came clear and a long left foot kick from Scot Gibson set up Archie Rowe for the 2-2 equaliser. Just before half time, Tedburn scored again.

After half time there was hard end to end play with the visitors scoring two more goals and the Raiders one.

Sat 16 March- away to Broadclyst SC
Meet at Sidmouth Football club 9.15

Sat 9 March- At Newton Pop to Pinhoe Pirates
Sidmouth Junior Viking Raiders 3 - Pinhoe Pirates 0

Writes Alec Latham

The Raiders were on top form this week from the word go, great passing with Archie Rowe making some good runs winning an early corner.
The Raiders continued to dominate the game, Ben Scrivens, Scott Gibson and Finlay Morgan doing a fantastic job in defence stopping any counter attacks from the Pirates. Olly Jones, Cole Monaghan & Archie Rowe tormented the Pirates defences and delivered some slick crosses into Scott DeGruchy and Will Lorkin who was to score with a fantastic left footed shot off the post. Olly Jones scored the second to end the first half 2-0.

The second half saw the arrival of Ben Latham, Mattie Laurenti & Thomas West. The Pirates came out fighting and managed to secure a penalty. Isaac James kept his cool making an incredible save, it continued with end to end play with the Pirates unable to penetrate the Raiders defence. Ben Latham took off up the wing chipping the ball up over the keeper to secure the 3-0 victory.

Man of the Match - Scott Gibson

Sat 2 March - This weeks away match has been postponed as St Martins have a cup match, Meet at Sidmouth football cub 9.30 - 11 for training please.

Sat 23 Feb- away match Crediton Youth meet at Sidmouth football club 9am

Sidmouth Town Raiders U11's nil - Crediton 1

Written by Tracy Latham

The Raiders defence found themselves immediately challenged by Crediton but this was soon rectified with a fantastic clearance by Glen Sinker. The Raiders midfielders, Ben Latham, Finlay Morgan & Scott Degruchy returned the favour testing Crediton's defences, this was how the game was to continue with end to end play. Crediton got through the Raiders defences only to have their attempt on goal swiftly saved by Isaac James. Thomas West's fancy footwork took the ball back up the field only to be returned again, the Raiders defenders held out well with another well timed clearance from Ben Scrivens. With the battle continuing The Raiders were awarded a free kick, taken by Glen Sinker and headed on by Cole Monaghan skimming the crossbar.

The second half saw Scott Gibson clearing another attempt from Crediton whilst Archie Rowe was unlucky not to find the back of the net with his cracking shot. The Raiders continued with an excellent cross in from Ben Latham finding the foot of Cole Monaghan again unlucky not to convert. The battle continued to the bitter end with a corner from the Raiders cleared only then to result in a corner for Crediton who managed to convert resulting in 1-0 as the final whistle blew!

Man of the Match Glen Sinker

Sat 16 Feb Home Match against Feniton Tigers-meet at Newton Pop 9.30 confirm with wade your avalible to play.
S.T.J.V. U11’s Raiders 2 – 1 Feniton Tigers
By Simon James
Sidmouth’s popular youth team were back to their winning ways again.

This match started hard and fast with Feniton mounting an all out attack, only to be stopped in their tracks by stalwart defender Glen Sinker. Sidmouth took possession and Ben Latham, Will Lorkin and Cole Monaghan demonstrated some superb set pieces allowing Glen Sinker to score the first goal.

Finlay Morgan long cross found the strong left foot of Scot Gibson who made a brave attempt on the Tigers goal.Hard football then ensued mainly in the Feniton end with Sidmouth playing some super football.

After half time Sidmouth were once again on top of the visitors. Another class cross from Latham was converted into a convincing goal from Will Lorkin.
In the dying moments Feniton made a desperate attempt on the Raiders defence by swarming forward resulting in them poaching a last minute goal. ENDS

Away match Sat 9 Feb against Colyton Cobras, meet at Sidmouth Football club 9.15 or there - Chantry Bridge, Colyton EX24 6DT 9.45. Email Wade to confirm if you can play and where you will be meeting.

Match Report
Sidmouth Town Raiders U11 - Colyton 6-1

Written by Alec Latham

The Raiders were to find themselves short on numbers this week resulting in players taking on unfamiliar positions and with no substitutes they embarked on a testing match.
Despite all the hard work Cole Monaghan, Scott DeGruchy & Ben Latham did in midfield they were unable to stop Colyton testing the Raiders defence. Glen Sinker, Oliver Jones & Scott Gibson did a great job keeping the pressure on but were unable to prevent Colyton from taking an early lead. Will Lorkin & Mattie Laurenti made some great runs but were unlucky not to score despite many attempts on goal.

The second half saw Colyton take advantage of their subs. Both teams had their fair share of shots on goal, Ben Latham scored the Raiders only goal with a cracking shot in the top right corner. Final score 6-1 to Colyton.

Man of the match Will Lorkin

Home Match Sat 2 Feb meet at Newton Pop 9.30
Match Report
S.T.J.V. U11’s Raiders 0 – 2 Teign Village
By Simon James
The Raiders had previously beaten this team comprehensively, so this promised to be a hard game.

Scot Gibson, Matt Laurenti and Ollie Jones wasted no time in pressuring the Teign defence, but were unable to find the goal. Teign pushed back hard against the Sidmouth attack.

Ben Scrivens clashed with the Teign forwards who now were in control of the ball. A cheeky twenty yard strike found the top corner of the Raiders net.
Hard end to end play ensued with neither team able to find the goal. Goalkeeper Isaac James was tested hard against a barrage of Teign shots. Just before half time, Teign poached another goal.

The second half saw Sidmouth much more in control, there was some superb set pieces and teamwork from Ben Latham, Thomas West and Scott DeGruchy, each time frustrated by the Teign defenders. Cole Monaghan and Will Lorkin were always in the thick of the action setting up some shots which were cruelly denied. The remainder of the match saw frustration for the Raiders, who by far were playing the best football, time and again they were unable to convert the skill and effort into goals. ENDS

Match Report sat 26 Jan
Sidmouth Town Viking Raiders U11's 1 v St Martins Falcons 5

Written by Alec Latham

The Raiders Cup match was to start with both teams working hard trying to get the upper hand.
Cole Monaghan tested the Falcons first with a long range shot. The Falcons retaliated by rattling the woodwork, the game was back and forth with both teams looking likely to score. The Falcons delivered a blow by scoring two goals in quick succession despite the best efforts of Isaac James combined with his defenders, Ben Scrivens, Glen Sinker & Thomas West. The Raiders pushed back but were unlucky not to score. The falcons on the other hand seemed to have luck on their side ending the first half 5-0 up.

The sparing was to continue, Sidmouth Raiders brought on Mattie Laurenti, Ben Latham, Finlay Morgan & Scott Gibson working hard to force the Falcons back. Their defence seemed impenetrable until the closing seconds when a series of well timed passes rewarded Cole Monaghan with a well deserved goal. Final score 5-1 to the St Martins Falcons.

Man of the match Finlay Morgan

Cup Match at Newton Pop against St Martins Falcons- meet Newton pop at 1015 FOR A 1045 KICK OFF.

Our match that was planned against Tedburn St Mary will now be played on sat 30 March

Cup Match at Newton Pop against St Martins Falcons- meet there at 9.30

Sat 5 Jan Match report
Sidmouth Town Viking Raiders U11's - Hemyock 2-2
Written by Alec Latham

Sidmouth's finest were to start the New Year on top form with great defending by Ben Scrivens, Glen Sinker and Thomas West. First class passing by The Raiders was to repeatedly test Hemyock's fine defence. Despite their best efforts Hemyock were to snatch 2 goals before Archie Rowe was rewarded with Sidmouth's first goal ending the first half with Hemyock 2-1 up.

The second half was dominated by the Raiders from the start with fresh legs, Matt Laurenti, Scott Gibson and Will Lorkin who scored the equaliser within the opening 10 seconds ending in a well deserved draw.

Man of the match Archie Rowe

Sat 15 Dec we are away to Crediton Youth at Lords Meadow, Crediton. EX17 1ER. Meet at Sidmouth football club at 9am or be out there for 10am.

Sat 8 December-home match against Cullompton Crusaders
S.T.J.V. U11’s Raiders 2 – 3 Cullompton Crusaders
By Simon James

Cullompton were known as a strong team and so Saturday’s clash promised much.

The game started with the Cullompton forwards swarming into the surprised Sidmouth defence. Glen Sinker and Thomas West wasted no time in holding back the onslaught. Goalkeeper Isaac James was tested many times as both teams slugged it out in the Sidmouth box, finally Cullompton scored.

Then it was Sidmouth’s turn to attack, a class set piece from Archie Rowe, Scot Gibson and Will Lorkin was cruelly denied by the Crusaders defence. Cullompton again surged forward and poached the second goal. End to end play then ensued and the Raiders were unable to convert a penalty given just before half time.

After a lively team talk with the coaches, Sidmouth came on with added focus and energy. Ollie Jones, Ben Scrivens and Col Monaghan, smashed through the Crusaders defence but were frustrated again by the Cullompton Goalie. A free kick given to the visitors meant they poached a third goal. Sidmouth regrouped and attacked hard. Ollie Jones, with the help of Finley Morgan and Ben Latham, in the space of ten minutes had scored twice, to the bemusement of the Crusaders. Both teams battled hard for the remainder of this memorable game. ENDS

Sat 1 Dec

Training at Newton Pop - Meet at 9.30

U11 Raiders following a Great game at Bradninch

U11 Raiders

S.T.J.V. U11’s Raiders 3 – 3 Bradninch
By Simon James
The torrential rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of Sidmouth’s favourite youth team. The match started hard with a big push from the Bradninch forwards, only to be outclassed by seasoned Glen Sinker and Ben Scrivens who pushed back. Sidmouth then demonstrated some classy passing from Scot DeGrunchy, Scot Gibson and Cole Monaghan making a brave attempt on the Bradninch defence. After some hard end to end play a lone Bradninch striker poached the first of two goals before halftime.

Sidmouth then came on fired up and within a few moments Ollie Jones’ cross allowed Finley Morgan to score Sid mouth’s first. Bradninch were spooked by the Sidmouth new found confidence and Col Monaghan scored again for the Raiders. By now the pitch was bordering on unplayable but still the two teams fought hard in the mud. Sidmouth conceded once more and again the fight back came with a cheeky back heel shot to level the scores. Goalkeeper Isaac James was kept busy during this hard and well fought game.

Both teams supporters and parents showed their support and encouragement at the blow of the final whistle. ENDS

Ps Picture of the Lads after the match

Sat 24 Nov- Away to Bradninch, Fantastic Result (3v3) Played in Great Spirit
Comments from Bradninch
Bradninch v Sidmouth - the spirit of the game does exist :)
26/11/2012 06:49
Despite the weather and what would have been an easy decision not to travel, we were pleased to welcome Sidmouth Raiders to Bradninch this morning for what turned out to be a competitive match played with a good attitude and in the best of spirits.

Lots of parents from Sidmouth supported, there was lots of good humour between supporters and all the players enjoyed the football and a few had a mudslide! Thank you.

Steve @ Bradninch

Sat 17 November

Sidmouth Town Viking Raiders 2- Broadclyst 2
Written by Alec Latham

A truly outstanding performance by the Raiders this week displaying real spirit and a fantastic team effort. The match was to start with end to end play with both teams testing the others defence. Ben Scrivens, Glen Sinker and Thomas West kept their cool and with their slick tackles and well timed passes Finlay Morgan, Cole Monaghan & Archie Rowe pounded the Broadclyst defence and after a series of passes Ben Latham crossed into Oliver Jones who converted it to score the first goal. Despite the best efforts of the Raiders the first half ended 1-1.

The second half proceeded to be a nail biter, with fresh legs, Mattie Laurenti, Scott DeGranchy& Will Lorkin the battle was to continue, both teams determined not to lose. The Raiders kept plugging away at Broadclyst's defence. Thomas West was rewarded for his hard work with a second goal for the Raiders. Broadclyst upped the pressure, the Raiders held them at bay with two fantastic saves by Isaac James but despite their best efforts Broadclyst smashed in a second in the closing seconds of extra time.

Man if the match Thomas West.

Sat 10 Nov - Cup Match at home against Divison 2's St Martins Meet at Newton Pop 10.15 for a kick off at 10.45.
Email wade to confirm you can play.

Sat 3 Nov EARLY home match, meet at Newton Pop 8.30
Email me and let me and confirm you can play. Thank you

Match report
Sidmouth Town Viking Raiders U11's 4-0 Pinhoe Pirates

Written by Alec Latham

Sidmouth Raiders were to have an impressive start with the midfielders and strikers, Scott Gibson, Scott DeGruchy, Finlay Morgan, Ben Latham & Will Lorkin working hard on the wings and attacking Pinhoe's defence. It was only a matter of time before Scott DeGruchy was to score the first goal. Pinhoe put on the pressure, it was now down to Ben Scrivens, Cole Monaghan & Thomas West in defence to work their magic. The first half was to finish with a fine run from Ben Latham resulting in the second goal.

The second half saw some great end to end play, Pinhoe tried a few shots at goal which were easily saved by Isaac James, Sidmouth's Matthew Laurenti & Oliver Jones continued to assist with the hard work which resulted in a cheeky back healer from Will Lorkin giving Sidmouth their 3rd goal, the pressure was kept on and Cole Monaghan was soon to be rewarded for his efforts bringing the final score to 4-0.

Man of the match was awarded to Cole Monaghan for his continuing hard work.

Sat 27 Oct We are home to St Martins Falcons - Meet at Newton Pop 9.30, email wade to confirm you can play.Thank you

Sat 20 Oct we are away to Feniton meet at club 9.15 or there 9.45

Match Report
Sidmouth Town Junior Viking Raiders U11's 6-0 Feniton

Written by Alec Latham

With last weeks defeat behind them the Raiders were determined to come out fighting. The game started with good end to end play. Thomas West's corner resulted in the first goal by Will Lorkin. Oliver Jones was to follow shortly with the first of his two well earned goals. The raiders defence, Glen Sinker, Ben Scrivens, Thomas West, with Isaac James in goal formed an impenetrable wall leaving the midfielders and strikers, Finlay Morgan, Cole Monaghan, Scott Gibson, Oliver Jones & Will Lorkin to work their magic. An outstanding header from Monaghan bought the score to 4-0.

The Raiders started the second half full of confidence with fresh legs, Matthew Laurenti, Ben Latham, Scott DeGruchy & Archie Rowe. Despite Feniton's fighting spirit, the Raiders continued to test their keeper resulting in another 2 goals by Archie Rowe.

Man of the match went to Finlay Morgan for his outstanding performance.

Sat 13th October - we are home to Colyton Cobras meet at Newton Pop 9.30am, email wade to confirm you can play.

Match Report
Colyton were Sidmouth’s “bogey team” and this match was always of concern to the Raiders Coaches.
Soon after kick off Colyton took control, and quickly made a cheeky attempt on the Raiders goal, easily stopped by Isaac James. Scott DeGruchy, Will Lorkin and Cole Monaghan hit back hard and then a tough midfield battle ensued. With Ollie Jones, Scott Gibson and Matt Laurenti, in the thick of the action. Sadly a lone Colyton striker then broke free and scored the first goal.

Sidmouths defence was then well tested by a confident Colyton side. Finlay Morgan single handily took down countless Colyton attacks. Again after some hard one on one play Colyton scored again, just before half time.

In the second half Colyton were stopped in their tracks by heavyweight defender Glen Sinker, backed up by Thomas West. Ben Latham’s skillful passing allowed Archie Rowe to score Sidmouth’s first. The game then was too and fro with neither team getting the edge. In the dying seconds of the game Colyton were awarded a penalty which was converted into the final goal. ENDS
Man of the Match was Isaac James
Writes Simon James

Parents Letters - I think the letter i received from Simon James this week sums up the feelings in the Raiders camp at the moment, Well done gents!!

Dear Tony, Craig & Trevor,
I wanted to say congratulations to you all, for another great result at the weekend. In the last four years I can’t remember a time when we have enjoyed such good results, optimism and general happiness around our team.
In my opinion this is attributed to your joint efforts and attitude, which I know all of us parents and children alike, very much appreciate.
Well done and thank you again.
Kind regards

Sat 6th October - we are away to Teign Village meet at sidmouth club 9am or there 9.45, email wade to confirm you can play and where you will meet us.
Saturday 6th October Match Report
Sidmouth Raiders continued their winning streak with a well earned 4-2 victory over Teign Valley.
The Raiders defence, Ben Scrivens, Glen Sinker & Thomas West stood up to the aggressive attack by Teign Valley, despite an outstanding save by Isaac James, Teign Valley scored.
The Raiders midfielders Scott Gibson, Finlay Morgan & Cole Monaghan along with Matthew Laurenti battled on creating a series of passes and a cross enabling Ben Latham to score the equaliser. A corner then secured the Raiders 2-1 lead thanks to Cole Monaghan's goal.

The second half saw Sidmouth Raiders come out strong, working hard on the wings were Archie Rowe & Scott DeGruchy battering the Teign Valley defence resulting in another fine goal from Ben Latham assisted by Will Lorkin. Teign Valley kept the pressure on, securing another goal. This fired up the Raiders resulting in our final goal by Archie Rowe.
Another fantastic team effort from the Sidmouth Raiders.
Writes Alec Latham

Sat 29th September - Home match at Newton pop against Hemyock An early 9.15 KO with a closly contested game leading to a good win for the Raiders 2-1.
Match Report
Sidmouth Town Viking Raiders U11’s 2 – 1 Hemyock
The Raiders continued their unbeaten run with a convincing 2-1 win over Hemyock.
The game started with some Hemyock aggression which was easily stopped by Ben Scrivens and Thomas West’s quality defence. Now taking possession Scot DeGraunchy teaming with Ollie Jones set up a slick cross which Cole Monaghan converted into the first goal. New signing Archie Rowe with Will Lorkin, were everywhere demonstrating the best in junior football skills.
A series of five corners in a row from Hemyock were cleared away by Isaac James and one on one, end to end play continued until half time with some fantastic passing and set pieces from Matthew Laurente, Scot Gibson and Finley Morgan.
After some end to end play Hemyock poached an equaliser. This fired up the Raiders and Ben Latham battered the Hemyock defence setting up Scot DeGraunchy for another Sidmouth goal.
For the remainder of the match Glen Sinker almost single handedly kept the desperate Hemyock strikers at bay.
Writes Simon James

Big Thank You to parents for there continued help with setting up goals, match reports, washing kit and Big Thanks to Tonys coaching support Craig & Trevor it seems to be making the difference.

Sat 22nd Sept - Home match at Newton Pop meet 9.30 for a 10.30 KO against Alphington United Fantastic match resulting in a 3-0 victory for the Raiders.

Sat 15th September - First match away to Tedburn St Mary Resulting in a 3-2 Victory for the Raiders

Sat 8th September- Training at Sidford Rugby Pitch 9.15-10.45
New shorts & socks to be issued,will be 3 weeks til wet weather track suits are printed up ready.
Make sure you brush your hair boys as i will be taking photos on Saturday.